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Charles-St. Mary’s Baseball League, Inc.






Article I              The League


Article II            The Board of Directors


Article III           The Officers and Duties


Article IV           Elections


Article V            Meetings


Article VI           New Franchise


Article VII         Committees


Article VIII        Franchise Fees


Article IX           League Rules for Playing Baseball


Section – A        Player Eligibility

Section – B        Players

Section – C        Member Clubs

Section – D        Rules of the Game

Section – E         Fines, Forfeitures, Protests, Suspensions and Other League Issues


Article X            Playoffs


Article XI           Annual Banquet and Trophies


Article XII         Official League Documents


Article XIII           Amendments and Changes to By-Laws




Charles-St. Mary’s Baseball League, Inc.





Article I                    The League


1.                   Shall be known as the Charles-St. Mary’s Baseball League, Inc.


2.                   Is defined as a group of member clubs who play each other for the League championship in Charles/St. Mary’s Counties.


3.                   Shall be governed by a Board of Directors.



Article II               The Board of Directors


1.             Shall consist of a representative from each member club, the President and Vice President.


2.                   Shall govern the League in accordance with these Articles of Incorporation and these By-Laws.  However, the President and/or Vice President shall not vote unless as directed in Article III.


3.                   Shall elect the following officers:


a.             President

b.             Vice President

c.             Secretary

                d.             Treasurer

e.             Officer Scorer

f.             Historian               (rev 2008)



Article III             The Officers and Duties


1.             President:


a.             Shall not be associated with any member club of the League in the capacity of manager.

b.             Shall preside at all meetings of the Boards of Directors.

c.             May appoint standing committees for any purpose.

d.             Shall vote in case of a tie.

e.             Shall not vote on any matters affecting a team for which he is directly affiliated.

f.             Shall handle all necessary communications with the appropriate Umpire’s Association.

g.             Shall select a Player of the Week award winner based on each week’s results and the

                recommendations of the managers as noted on game reports.

e.             Shall resolve all rule related issues or protests unless the issue or protest affects a team for which he is directly affiliated.                (rev 2008)


2.             Vice President:


a.                   In the absence of the President or when the President must exclude himself because of team affiliation, shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and exercise the duties of the President.     (rev 2008)




3.             Secretary:


a.                   Shall keep a record of all proceedings of the Board of Directors.

b.                   Shall be required to send notice of all meetings to all officers and the Board of Directors and their alternates at ten (10) days prior to all meetings.

c.                    Shall contact each team representative from the previous year in person, or by phone, in addition to a written notice prior to the January meeting.

d.                   Shall transmit to the Treasurer a record of all fines levied against any member club.

e.                    Shall create the schedule template for the coming season.  After Board of Directors approval, shall be responsible for the printing and distribution of the schedule.  The schedule shall be printed and distributed no later than the April meeting.


4.             Treasurer:


a.                   Shall keep proper books of account and receive and disburse all League funds subject to approval of the Board of Directors.

b.                   Shall submit a financial report to the Board of Directors at all meetings.


5.             Official Scorer:


a.                   Shall keep and preserve a complete record of all players’ performances.

b.                   Shall inform the President of all teams failing to mail a properly signed, properly filled out and properly postmarked game report.

c.                    Shall retain the home team’s game report for League statistics.


6.             Historian


a.             Shall have the collateral duties of League Historian.  The Historian shall accumulate and compile League history, records and statistics.        (rev 2008)





Article IV             Elections


1.                   The Board of Directors shall elect all officers at the November meeting.  They shall take office at the January meeting of the Board of Directors after termination of any old business to come before the January meeting and shall hold office until the next annual election or until the successors are chosen and qualified. 



Article V               Meetings


1.                   Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held for By-Law Changes/Team Registration (Jan), Schedule (Feb/Mar), First Half Roster (Apr/May), Second Half Roster (Jun/Jul), Playoffs/Awards (Aug/Sep), and Proposed By-Law Changes (Nov).  (rev 2014)


2.                   The November meeting will be designated as By-Laws and Elections meeting.  At this meeting, revisions to the current By-Laws can be brought to motion.


3.                   At the January meeting, the first topic of business will be to vote on revisions from the November By-Laws meeting and to approve the most current set of By-Laws for the upcoming season.


4.                   Special meetings may be called by the President:


a.                   If, in his sole discretion, said meetings are necessary for the operation of the League or required by these By-Laws.

b.                   Upon written request of the official representative of any member club.


5.                   The location and time of the next regularly scheduled meeting shall be determined and announced by the President at the close of each meeting.


6.                   A special roster meeting will be called at a site to be determined prior to the first scheduled game of each half. (rev 2010)


7.                   Only the officers and members of the Board of Directors shall participate in any meeting of the Board of Directors except upon approval of a majority of the Board of Directors.


8.             A member club shall:


a.                   Name an official representative who shall be the club’s representative on the Board of Directors.

b.                   Name an alternate representative who shall be the club’s representative on the Board of Directors in the absence of the official representative.

c.                    Submit the name of its official representative and alternate to the Secretary at the January meeting.


9.                   All clubs shall be represented at each meeting of the Board of Directors or suffer the penalties hereinafter adopted.


10.                A fifteen (15) minute grace period after the scheduled start of any League meeting will be allowed to any member club.  Failure to answer roll call after said grace will result in a missed meeting fine for member club.


11.                The League divisional, regular season and all-star formats, schedule dates and starting times for all games shall be established at the February\March meeting of the Board of Directors.



Article VI             New Franchise 


1.                   A new franchise may be admitted to the League upon the affirmation of the majority of the Board of Directors.


2.                   An application for new member club’s franchise shall be made by the February/March meeting in order for the Board of Directors to take action on the application prior to the beginning of the next season of play.  The new franchise shall complete and submit to the league an official franchise application form. (rev 2007)


3.                   Each new franchise must present proof of an approved playing field, tentative roster and solid financial backing (sponsorship).  This proof must be submitted prior to acceptance into the Charles-St. Mary’s Baseball League.









Article VII           Franchise Fees


1.             Each member club at the January meeting shall pay a franchise fee of $75.


2.             Any member club which has not paid its franchise fee or fines by the January meeting shall not have a vote in matters coming before the Board of Directors until franchise fees or fines are paid.


3.             Any member club, which has not paid its fees or fines by the February/March meeting of any season, shall not play in any League games.


4.             The franchise fee of $250 shall accompany each application for a new member club’s franchise.  The franchise fee shall be returned if the application is denied.   If the new franchise is approved and participates through its entire inaugural season without a forfeit, the league shall reimburse the franchise $175 upon entering the league for the next season at the January meeting.  (In essence, the league will keep $75 from the franchise in correlation with the fee for existing franchises).              (rev 2014)


5.             All Umpire pre-payment fees (Currently $10 per game) and league insurance costs must be paid by the first half roster meeting or teams will forfeit games until fees are paid.       (rev 2008)


6.             All estimated fees for field usage, etc. for the remainder of the current season must be paid by the second half roster meeting or teams will forfeit games until the fees are paid.                                (rev 2008)




Article VIII          League Rules for Playing Baseball


1.                   All players of the Charles-St. Mary’s Baseball League must fulfill the requirements of the following:


Section – A           Player Eligibility


1.                   All players must meet one (1) of the following qualifications:


a.                   Be a native born citizen of Charles, St. Mary’s, Calvert, or Southern Prince George’s County.

b.                   Have a permanently established residency in Charles, St. Mary’s, or Calvert County prior to the roster meeting at the beginning of a season or at the second half.  The Prince George’s County boundary for player eligibility is Colonial Farm at Accokeek to Floral Park Road to Route 301 to Route 4 to the Patuxent River/Anne Arundel County Line.  The Board of Directors will determine the prospective player’s residence and will require all of the following criteria elements to be provided where applicable:


i.                     The address on the player’s driver’s license.

ii.                    Where the player’s automobile is registered.

iii.                  Where the player is registered to vote.

iv.                  The address on the player’s income tax return.

v.                   Where the player is presently attending public high school.


c.                    Be employed in Charles, St. Mary’s Calvert, or Southern Prince George’s County at least three (3) months prior to the opening of the season in order to play the first half, or be employed in Charles, St. Mary’s, Calvert, or Southern Prince George’s County for a least three (3) months prior to the opening of the second half in order to play during the second half of the season.  Any such employment in Charles, St. Mary’s, Calvert, or Southern Prince George’s County must be the player’s principle employment and principle source of income.

d.                   Have previously played in the League as an eligible player.

e.                    Be a member of the regular Armed Forces of the United States in accordance with Section C, Member Clubs, #5.

f.                    Any individual whose father or grandfather had previously played in the League would be eligible to play regardless of their residence or employment status.

g.                    College students must also be enrolled at a local institution within the League’s established boundaries or be dependents of parents who have full time employment within those same parameters.           (rev 2008)


2.                   Physical proof of eligibility for any of the above criteria for any new player will be presented at the roster meeting.


3.                   Member club(s) may replace any player(s) that sign a professional contract. If player is released from the professional contract, player is eligible to be re-added at second half roster meeting or under other by-law provisions. (rev 2016)


4.                   Allow a one-time eligibility exemption for existing teams that want to enter the League.  All members on the current roster are granted eligibility.


5.                   Teams may include up to two players on the First Half Roster that do not meet the geographic boundaries player eligibility criteria. These players must be on the roster at the start of the season and may not be added at any other point in the season. These players must be clearly indicated on the First Half Roster   (rev 2011) and are not considered eligible players as stated in 1d above until they play one season and qualify for the playoffs. (rev 2012)


Section – B           Players


1.                  No player shall be compensated in any manner for playing in the League.  Any player who receives compensation for playing in the League shall be suspended from the League for a period to be determined by the Board of Directors.  Any game(s) in which the player participated shall be declared a forfeit upon satisfactory proof to the Board of Directors and a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


2.                  All players must be properly signed to a League contract on a form approved by the Board of Directors prior to playing in a game.  At the Roster meeting prior to the opening of each half of the season, each member club shall submit signed contracts and the required releases together with ten (10) copies of its roster to the President prior to the reading of the rosters.  Any contracts not submitted at this meeting must be submitted and approved prior to a player playing in a game. No additions to the roster of any member club shall be permitted for the half after their rosters are submitted to the President, except as hereinafter provided. (rev 2010)


3.                  No player shall be allowed to play with more than one (1) team in any one (1) half.


4.                  No player shall be eligible for League play while under professional contract, unless said player has a written release from the professional club prior to the end of the professional club’s season and is on a current team roster. (rev 2008)


5.                  A player who is in the regular Armed Forces of the U.S. at the time rosters and changes are submitted may be carried on a club’s roster without the necessity of submitting a contract.  However, any member club carrying such player must furnish the President with a properly signed contract for such player prior to any such player participating in any game.


6.                  Any member club which allows a player to participate in a game prior to submitting a properly signed contract shall be charged with a forfeit loss for each game in which such player participates.



7.                  All players signed with a member club are held over to the following season or until a written release from the club is obtained.  Any player who was signed for the preceding season and is not included on the current season’s roster is automatically released.


8.                  Any player desired to transfer to another member club must request a release at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting of the Board of Directors at which roster and changes are to be submitted.  Said player is responsible for the following:


a.                   Notifying the manager of the former member club.

b.                   Taking care of any financial or equipment obligations to former member club.


9.                  Any player dropped from a member club’s roster at a roster meeting must fulfill his obligation to previous member club, obtain a written release from previous member club, and sign a contract with a new member club, to be submitted to the League President.


10.              In the case of controversy concerning a player’s release, the Board of Directors shall consider the matter and may award the release upon majority vote.


11.              Any player to be eligible for post-season play must have been inserted into the game, in any capacity, in a minimum of 25% of the regular season games played while that player was on the roster. All player participation must be recorded in the official game report and approved by both Managers. (rev 2017)


Section – C          Member Clubs


1.                  Shall not be required to submit a contract for any player from its most recent roster for which a contract has been previously submitted.


2.                  Shall have a playing roster not to exceed twenty-five (25) players for the First Half, twenty-seven (27) players for the Second Half, and (25) players for the Playoffs. (rev 2013)


3.                  Shall use as their playing roster the team’s roster on the date the game is actually played.


4.                  Shall be permitted to add an unlimited number of new players between halves provided each new player meets eligibility requirements and that the member club’s roster does not exceed the provisions in item #2 above. (rev 2017)


5.                  Shall be permitted to sign an unlimited number of military and/or college players per team.  Military members must be stationed at Patuxent River, Indian Head, 8th & I Marine Barracks, Henderson Hall, Quantico, AAFB, Webster Field, Dahlgren or any other military installation within the League boundaries not mentioned.  College students must also be enrolled at a local institution within the League’s established boundaries or be dependents of parents who have full time employment within those same parameters.


6.                  Medical Release & Replacement

A.      When a member club loses the services of a player because of injury or medical disability, said player may be replaced if the following requirement are met:

1.       A doctor’s certificate summarizing the injury or medical disability is submitted to the President,

2.       The President approves the release of the player after review of the doctor’s certificate,

3.       The member club submits a properly signed contract for the replacement player to the President.

                                                                           i.      The replacement player’s contract must be submitted to the President at least 4 days prior to the first game for which the replacement player is to become eligible,

                                                                          ii.      A contract which is mailed and postmarked, emailed, or faxed to the President by the deadline is sufficient.

B.      Notifications: The President shall notify the other member clubs of the replacement player after:

1.       Approval of the doctor’s certificate and

2.       Approval of the contract for the replacement player

C.      Penalties:

1.       Any member club which allows a replacement player to participate in a game prior to submitting a properly signed contract and receiving approval from the President shall be charged with a forfeit loss for each game in which such player participated.

2.       Any member club may challenge the eligibility of a replacement player under this rule.

                                                                           i.      The replacement player is eligible to play while the challenge is pending.

                                                                          ii.      If it is determined the player is ineligible, the member club which had the replacement player will be charged with a forfeit loss for each game such player participated.

D.      Eligibility: A “replacement” under this rule may be granted at any time during the season. In order to be eligible for the playoffs, the replacement player must independently meet the eligibility requirements of section B, paragraph 11. (rev 2010)


7.                  Desiring to replace a player lost because of injury must make same replacement within two (2) weeks of the time the replaced player becomes incapacitated.  A player who is lost because of injury may not be replaced if held from one half to the next.

8.                  Each team is allowed up to five roster changes in the first half of the season for any reason. Any player dropped from a roster may not be re-added to any roster in the same half. All roster changes allowed by league by-laws count under this rule. Player contract and proof of eligibility must be provided to the league President and approved in advance of the player participating in any league games. (rev 2018)


Section – D          Rules of the Game



1.                  No smoking will be permitted on the playing field.


2.                  The playing rules of the American League shall govern play in the Charles-St. Mary’s Baseball League unless otherwise stated in these By-Laws.


3.                  The following schedules will dictate the number of regular season games to be played, in accordance with the number of participating teams per season.   Scheduled doubleheaders will be seven innings per game; single games will be nine innings.


Number of Teams in League            Number of Regular Season Games Scheduled

6 teams                                                  25 games (1 DH, 3 SG against each team)  (rev 2018)


7 teams                                                  24 games (1 DH, 2 SG against each team)


8 teams                                                  28 games (1 DH, 2 SG against each team)


9 teams                                                  24 games (1 DH, 1 SG against each team)


10 teams                                                               27 games (1 DH, 1 SG against each team)


                (DH = doubleheader  SG = single game)                         (rev 2007)


4.                  All games shall be played on or before the scheduled dates.  Exception: Games scheduled on a Saturday may be moved to Sunday of the same weekend upon approval of both managers. (rev 2011) The location or time of any game may be changed by the home team upon approval of the visiting team, and only after consulting the President.  It is the President’s responsibility to assure that the umpires have been notified of the change.  Any member clubs, which change the location or time of any game without notifying the President shall suffer a double forfeit loss for the game.  In the event of a scheduled doubleheader, each team will suffer one (1) forfeit with the second game of the doubleheader being rescheduled for play as a 7-inning contest.


5.                  The home team shall notify the visiting team and the League President on the day of the scheduled game earlier than three (3) hours before game time if the home field has been determined unfit for play.  The League President shall notify the Umpire’s Association.          (rev 2008)


6.                  Any games(s) postponed, regardless of reason, shall be re-scheduled within 3 days of the postponed game date. The home team manager shall notify the President within 3 days as to the date and time of the re-scheduled game(s). If the game is not re-scheduled within 3 days, the President shall re-schedule the game within 21 days from the postponed date. If the weather permits and the re-scheduled game(s) are not played on or before the new date, both teams will be charged with a forfeit loss. (rev 2017)


7.                  Games suspended because of field curfew, darkness or rain which end in a tie should be continued at next meeting of two (2) teams involved or a date mutually agreed upon by the clubs.  If one (1) team is ahead at curfew after game length becomes official by American League rules, said game will be considered officially completed.


8.                  Any game may be played without the assigned umpire or umpires upon agreement of the managers of the competing clubs, if the assigned umpires are not present at game time.  Any game played without the assigned umpires upon agreement of the managers shall be an official game.


9.                  Run-rules will be in effect for the following situations:

Single game (9-inning game):  10 runs after 7 innings.

Doubleheaders (7-inning games):  10 runs after 5 innings.     (rev 2007)


10.              The home team shall be responsible for paying the umpires, furnishing baseballs and a field with suitable playing conditions.  No game shall be played on a field which does not have an outfield fence and lined foul lines from home plate to the outfield fences unless agreed upon by both managers to play under present field conditions. Games may be played on fields outside of league boundaries. (rev 2012)


11.              If field rules allow, the visiting team should be given the field forty-five (45) minutes prior to game time.  The home team then gets it back fifteen (15) minutes before game time.  The home team should then release the field to the umpires five (5) minutes before official game time.


12.              Player line-ups shall be exchanged between the competing managers and the umpires prior to time of the conference at home plate.  No game shall be started until line-ups have been exchanged.


13.              All players, coaches and the manager shall be in full regulation uniform while on the field.  (rev 2010)


14.              All batters shall wear protective helmets with ear flap facing the pitcher. All runners shall wear protective helmets. Coach’s use of protective helmets is optional.  (rev 2010)


15.              Wood or composite wood bats must be used in all League contests.


16.              The designated hitter (DH) shall be allowed to bat for any one (1) player in the line-up. If a player occupying the DH position is inserted into the defensive line-up, the DH position is lost for the remainder of the game. (rev 2016)

a. The P/DH position is allowed if indicated on the starting lineup. This allows the starting pitcher to remain in the batting lineup as the DH when replaced as the pitcher. If this player re-enters the defensive line-up, the DH position is lost for the remainder of the game. (rev 2016)


17.              A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher at any time, regardless of the number of outs.  A single runner may run multiple times in any inning for either the pitcher or catcher, but not for both in the same inning.  A player that has already been at bat or played in the field cannot be a courtesy runner.  A courtesy runner, however, may appear in the game as a batter or fielder later in the game.


18.              Free substitution rule:  All starting players may be withdrawn and re-enter the game once, as long as a player occupies his original batting position.  A substitute withdrawn may not re-enter at any position in any capacity.


19.              When a pitcher must be removed because of a second mound visit in one inning, the pitcher cannot return to the mound in that game. (rev 2008)


20.              The home team shall make out a game report on forms provided by the League and each team’s scorekeeper/representative will sign.  The home team shall mail, fax, or email it to the League President, the Statistician, and the opposing Manager by the Wednesday following the date the game is played. The opposing Manager has 3 days upon receipt of the game report to oppose any statistics provided.  (rev 2010)


21.              In the event of a disagreement concerning the scoring of a play, the home team scorer shall render the official decision.


22.              All games shall be played exclusively with baseballs approved by the League.  No other balls may be used.  Approved balls include: 


Ø  Rawlings RO-ML or RO-MLB   (rev 2007)

Ø  Any other baseball approved by vote at the January meeting


23.              The home team is required to provide a protective pitching screen to be utilized by both teams in pre-game batting practice.


Section – E          Fines, Forfeitures, Protests, Suspensions / and Other League Issues


1.                  Failure to use the same type of baseball for the entire game will result in a $10.00 fine to the offending team if not agreed to by managers prior to the start of game.


2.                  Any member club, which is not represented at any meeting of the Board of Directors, will be fined $25.00.  However, any member club which is not represented at the January meeting of the Board of Directors shall be fined $45.00


3.                  Any team failing to mail a properly postmarked, fax, or email a properly filled out and signed game report of said game by the aforementioned Wednesday deadline shall be fined $10.00 for the first offense if the game report is not received within one week of the game being played. A second offense will be fined $20. Third and subsequent offenses will be fined $30. All fines will be strictly and automatically enforced. Game reports must be submitted typed. All pending game reports must be submitted by the second half roster meeting or teams will forfeit games until the game reports are submitted. All playoff qualifying teams must have all game reports submitted in order to be eligible to participate in the playoffs. (rev 2015)


4.                  Any member club, which plays a player, found to be ineligible shall forfeit the game or games in which such player participated in the current season.


5.                  Any member club which fails to place nine (9) players on the field within thirty (30) minutes after the scheduled game time will lose that game by forfeit.  In the case of a scheduled doubleheader, forfeit time for game 2 will be sixty (60) minutes after the scheduled game time of game 1.  The forfeiting club shall pay the umpire fees for any game(s) forfeited under this rule. No exceptions.            (rev 2008)


6.                  Any member club forfeiting games on two (2) scheduled dates because of failing to place nine (9) players on the field within thirty (30) minutes after the scheduled game time shall be dropped from the League, and its remaining games shall be counted as forfeit losses.


7.                  Any member club may file a written complaint with the President alleging that a player on another club is ineligible.  If the eligibility committee determines that such a player is ineligible, all games in which said ineligible player participated shall be declared to be forfeit losses.


8.                  A member club may protest an umpire’s interpretation of baseball rules.  However, a protest shall not be accepted which involves an umpire’s judgment.


9.                  All protests must be made to the Home Plate Umpire at the time of occurrence.  At said time the Home Plate Umpire shall announce to the opposing manager the game is officially under protest.  The protesting club must file its protest, in writing, with the League President within forty-eight (48) hours of the completion of the game.  The protest shall be submitted in sufficient copies that the President may mail copies to the opposing manager, the Umpire’s Association, the protest committee and to any other parties involved.  The Umpire’s Association shall submit the umpire’s version of the protest, in writing, to the President in sufficient copies to be distributed as above.


10.              The protest committee shall decide all protests within ten (10) days of receipt of the protest.  No decision shall be made until a hearing has been held at which the opposing club and the umpires are represented.


11.              The President and/or the committee is/are empowered to handle all blatant or malicious unsportsmanlike conduct and to impose the appropriate penalty – either suspension or expulsion.  Any or all players involved have up to seventy-two (72) hours to appeal any decision reached by the President and/or committee.  The Board of Directors shall settle all appeals.  All members shall be included in the discussions surrounding the appeal, but only those Board members not directly affected by the decision shall be allowed to vote. (rev 2017)


12.              Any member club(s) involved in decisions of fines, forfeitures, protests, suspensions and other League issues may not be allowed to vote on the issue.


13.              Any member club(s) which forfeits a game due to lack of personnel would be permitted to add two (2) players to their existing roster. Forfeiting a game, due to lack of personnel after the start of the game, does not qualify as forfeiting due to lack of personnel under this rule. Forfeiting a game, due to lack of personnel after the start of the game, does not count as a forfeit as described in paragraph 6 above (team being dropped from the league due to two forfeits).  (rev 2010)


14.              Any player/coach who makes unwanted physical contact with an umpire shall, automatically, be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoffs.   Any player that approaches an umpire outside of the playing field in a threatening manner will be suspended for a minimum of 5 scheduled games if it is their first offense.  The player has the right to appeal and the President would have authority to add or reduce punishment as necessary.  (rev 2007)


15.              Upon ejection from a game, a player, manager, or coach is automatically suspended the first game on the next scheduled date. If in a double header, the ejected player is eligible to play the second game. The President may extend the suspension. The President may remove the suspension upon appeal. Upon appeal and the President cannot obtain all relevant information prior to the next scheduled date, the suspension will be deferred until the information is obtained. (rev 2017)


16.              All donations received by the league shall be retained by the league to pay outstanding expenses unless donations are specifically designated for individual team(s). Distribution of any remaining funds will be determined by the Board of Directors. (rev 2013)


Article IX            Playoffs


1.                  The Board of Directors will establish playoff format each year at the January meeting.


2.                  Each team that fails to qualify for the four team double elimination playoff tournament will be responsible for collecting at the admissions gate during the first round of the playoffs.  As additional teams are eliminated during the playoffs they are also responsible for gate duty. It is the responsibility of each team’s manager to ensure the gate is covered at the appropriate times. The fine for not covering the gate is the cost of umpires for the games where the gate is not covered. All teams responsible will split the cost of the fine equally.  (rev 2018)


3.                  Game times of playoff contests will include the following guidelines:   Game times for the first weekend of the playoffs will be 12:00 and 3:00.  Game Two of any playoff date will not start prior to three (3) hours after the start of the preceding contest.  Any suspended games to be continued on the next day (when there are multiple games already scheduled at 12:00 and 3:00) will be scheduled for 10:00AM.  Game times for subsequent weekends are 1:00.  Any suspended games to be continued on those days when there is only one scheduled game at 1:00 will be scheduled for 11:00AM.      (rev 2007)


4.                  Unless otherwise determined at the January meeting, the top four (4) finishers in the League standings will participate in the playoffs.  The won-loss record of the teams will determine the seeds for the playoffs.  The format will be a four-team double-elimination tournament.  The opening round of the playoffs will pair the #1 seed versus the #4 seed, and the #2 seed versus the #3 seed.  The League regular season Champion (#1 seed) has the option to play in the first or second game of the day for the first round of post-season play only.  On the second day, the first day losers will play, followed by the first day winners playing each other.  The third day of the playoffs will see the two (2) teams with 1-1 playoff records play each other, with that game’s winner meeting the 2-0 team on day four.  An “if” game will be played on day five if both teams now have 2-1 playoff records.  The playoffs will be played on consecutive Saturdays and Sundays, depending on weather and field availability, until a champion is determined.


5.                  In case of a multiple team tie for any playoff position, the tie shall be broken by the following criteria, in order of importance:


a.                   Best winning percentage in games against other team(s) involved.           (rev 2008)

b.                   Fewest runs allowed in games against the other team(s) involved.

c.                    Fewest runs allowed in all League games played.

d.                   Coin toss.


6.                  In case of a tie involving more than two (2) teams, the tiebreakers will be used in the same order as specified in paragraph 3. Above, with the following stipulation:  The top seed will be determined from the multiple teams that are tied, then, the remaining teams will be evaluated by starting over with the first tiebreaker criterion. (rev 2010)


7.                  The home team will always be the higher seeded team.


8.                  The home team shall have its choice of dugouts.


9.                  On days when two playoff games are scheduled on the same field, the schedule will be as follows:  for the first game, the home team will get use of the field for thirty (30) minutes, beginning seventy-five (75) minutes before game time.  The visiting team will then get use of the field for thirty (30) minutes.  The last fifteen (15) minutes will be used to prepare the field for play, go over ground rules and any other activities necessary.  For game two, each team will be allowed fifteen (15) minutes each, once the field has been made ready for such pre-game activities.  The second game will begin as soon as the aforementioned activities can be completed.  The regular season pre-game format will be in effect on those days when only one (1) game is to be played.


10.              If play must be halted due to inclement weather, darkness or for any other reason(s), the game shall be:


a.                   cancelled, if sufficient innings have not been played to constitute a complete game under American League rules.  The game will be replayed in its entirety.

b.                   postponed, if sufficient innings have been played to constitute a complete game under American League rules.  The game will be resumed at the point at which it was suspended.


11.              No team shall be forced to play more than one (1) game on any given day.


12.              A field commissioner will be assigned for each game.  In case of any protest, the field commissioner will work with the home plate umpire to make an immediate ruling on the protest.  This ruling shall be final. (rev 2013)


13.              The Board of Directors will determine the playoff location yearly at the February meeting.



Article X              Annual Banquet and Trophies


1.                  The League shall hold an annual awards banquet no later than the first Saturday in November.



2.                  The President shall appoint an individual or committee to seek donations for the trophies.


3.                  The managers of the member clubs shall select the winners of the trophies for Most Valuable Player, Most Promising Young Player, Manager of the Year, and the Sportsmanship Award.  Managers may nominate as many players as they deem deserving.  This pool of nominees will be shortened to three (3) by a vote whereby each manager votes for only three (3) players.  The award winner will be selected by 3-2-1 vote, where the first choice is awarded three (3) points, second choice is awarded two (2) points and third choice is awarded one (1) point.  The winner is the player with the most points.


4.                  Player of the Week will be awarded to the players selected by the President.  Each member club may nominate a player each week for consideration. (rev 2014)


5.                  No player shall be paid money in lieu of trophies or other awards.


6.                  Trophies / certificates will be awarded at the annual banquet as follows:


a.                   League Champion (Jerome “Mike” Michael Memorial League Champion Award)

b.                   League Champion Team Members

c.                    Most Valuable Player (John T. Parran/Charles M. Wright Memorial MVP Award)

d.                   Most Promising Young Player (not over 21 years of age at the first game of the season)

e.                    Manager of the Year (John Klopfer Jr. Memorial Manager of the Year Award)

f.                    Sportsmanship Award

g.                    Leading Pitcher (Robert Shegogue (pronounced SHAY-go) Memorial Leading Pitcher Award)  (rev 2014)

See attached rule excerpt from the Major League Rule Book to determine pitching wins.

h.                   Leading Hitter (Clifford Hayden Memorial Leading Hitter Award) – Highest batting average, provided he has an average of 2.5 plate appearances per scheduled game (excluding forfeited games)   (rev 2007)

i.                     Second Leading Hitter – Second highest batting average with the same criterion as Item (i) above

j.                     Leading Slugger (VFW Post 2632/John Dimeo Memorial Leading Slugger Award) – Total base percentage with the same criterion as Item (i) above

k.                   Most Hits (Leo C. Bowie Memorial Most Hits Award)

l.                     Most RBI (Clifford Hayden/Sid Grimes RBI Award)

m.                 Most Runs Scored

n.                   Most Home Runs

o.                   Most Doubles

p.                   Most Triples (awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors)

q.                   Most Stolen Bases

r.                     Most Strikeouts by a Pitcher (Francis F. Dibitetto Memorial Most Pitching Strikeouts Award)

s.                    Team with the best won-lost record during the regular season (Regular Season Champions) (Sid Grimes Regular Season Champion Award)

t.                     Player of the Week – Player(s) most deserving from each week’s play (certificates awarded)     (rev 2013)

u.                   Jim Speake Award – for outstanding longtime service to the League, given at the discretion of the Board of Directors

v.                   Retirement Award – given after one (1) full year of retirement to those players involved in the League for twenty (20) or more years

w.                  Most Valuable Player of Playoff Series (John Mattingly Sr. Memorial Playoff MVP Award)

x.                   Triple Crown

y.                   Gold Glove – One Infielder, One Outfielder. Each team is permitted to nominate a maximum of one player per award. (rev 2014)


Article XI            Official League Documents


1.                  By-Laws                                                Revised February 2018

2.                  Player Contract                                    Revised December 2017

3.                  Player Release                                      Revised December 2017

4.                  Team Roster                                         Revised December 2017

5.                  Game Report                                        Revised December 2017

6.                  New Team Application                      Revised December 2017   



Article XII          Amendments and Changes to By-Laws


These By-Laws reflect amendments and changes through February 2018.

 Special Attachment:  Explanation of Winning and Losing Pitchers of Record