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Statistician: Bobby Connolly
Treasurer: Tyler Summers
Historian: Rob Adams

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History of the Charles-St. Mary's Baseball League

 The Charles-St. Mary's Men's Baseball League officially began in 1947.  Although independent teams had played in Charles and St. Mary's counties in earlier years, 1947 marked the formalization of rules, the adoption of a constitution, and the charter of eight teams competing through a 14-game schedule.  The eight inaugural clubs included Great Mills, the Indian Head Athletic Club, Waldorf, the LaPlata Lions, the Glasva Blues, Legion Post 82, the Mechanicsville Volunteers, and Old Gum.

      Since 1947, the league has continued to operate without interruption, thus making it one of the oldest leagues in the Washington metropolitan area.  Different teams have participated during the league's existence with as many as 14 teams competing in 1950.

     For three generations, the Charles-St. Mary's league has given doctors, lawyers, teachers, laborers, politicians, and every profession imaginable the opportunity to fulfill baseball dreams on weekends at local fields.  Talent levels vary, many have played college ball, some have played professionally in the minor leagues, and three league alumni played in the Major Leagues - Don Money, Steve Farr, and Tim Drummond.

      In 1986, Dr. William Close's book, A Sandlot Saga, was published.  The comprehensive work highlights league play from the 1947 inaugural season through 1985.  In his conclusions Dr. Close summed up the league as follows:  "The sandlot game of the Charles-St. Mary's League with its dedication to parochial interests has been a source of entertainment in the bi-county area...  The league has fostered lifelong friendships, provided connections for business opportunities, and encouraged community spirit.  The game has become part of everyone's life who has participated in the league as a fan, officer, or player.  But the most important contribution of the sandlot game is its greater emphasis on the play-for-fun idea rather than upon winning at all costs.  The pressures placed on all members of our society are indeed numerous and need not be increased by the pressures of play.  The sandlot game of the Charles-St. Mary's League makes its great contribution to society and to the betterment of the bi-county area by emphasizing the wholesome aspects of the game of baseball."  Dr. Close's book is recommended reading for anyone wishing to learn more about the Charles-St. Mary's League.

    Since 2000, the league adopted a wood-only baseball bat policy, giving an even more nostalgic look to the Sunday games.  Upcoming seasons promise to revive old memories and renew interest in the league and its deep history.


Sources:    A Sandlot Saga,  by Dr. William Close

                  League Meeting Minutes